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In all five child care centres of the Whiz Kids group we have the same basic philosophy, which we've found is quite unique in the industry.

Our first priority is our families but we achieve this by focussing on our staff. By providing our team with a fantastic work environment with all the support, resources and respect they need, and deserve, we ensure that they can focus on the care, well being, safety and development of our children.

It's quite a different approach to the cost-cutting and cookie-cutting of most corporate child care centres.

We know that our centres will be a success if the staff are fulfilled and happy. When staff are happy they go the extra mile in helping each other and our families and they have no reason to leave. With very low staff turnover our families and children can be assured they have familiar faces looking after them each and every day.


Our Whiz Kids philosophy: For Families


All parents want the best for their children so our philosophy is simple – to provide the best possible care. When entrusting your children to our care we want you to have confidence and peace of mind that they are in good hands.


The most important consideration in providing the best possible care is the staff. Attracting, training and motivating a high calibre and stable team is a major focus for the owners and centre director.


Looking after children and treating them with dignity and respect is an enormous responsibility for a child care centre and its staff. Not only are we responsible for their safety and well being, studies have shown that the quality of care can affect a child’s long term social skills and learning potential. It’s because of this that we don’t want to provide only average care, we feel it’s our responsibility to families and society to provide exceptional quality child care.


It’s also our philosophy to constantly improve our service and standards. This is where we rely heavily on our parents to provide suggestions and feedback. With your help we will do our best to get your ‘Whiz Kids’ off to ‘a flying start’ in life in an environment that is fun, safe and caring.


Our Whiz Kids 'Values' or 'Culture': Staff


We, at bracken ridge/Whiz Kids Child Care Centre


* Make sure team members get the training and resources needed to deliver high quality child care and stay motivated


* Are prepared to work hard to provide high quality child care – without feeling pressure to sacrifice our personal lives away from work


* Reward good work performance –  with an emphasis on team success and cooperation even though individuals may sometimes be recognised


* Feel comfortable to tell others what’s on our minds – in a positive, respectful manner because we are a team with the same goals


* Welcome ideas about better ways to do things, and follow through to put in place changes that make sense


* Realise our future success is tied to our hard-earnt reputation in the community – so we treat each child and family well, in every way, each and every day


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