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"My daughter, Milana has attended “Whiz Kids”, Bracken Ridge since 2012, from when she was 2 years old.
My daughter is now ready to confidently begin school in 2015, thanks to the wonderful educators whom have looked after her and shown her new experiences every day she has attended “Whiz Kids”.
I have found all staff take a great interest in myself and my child and they really listen when you need to tell them something about your child.
I love that “Whiz Kids” offers “extras” that include Spanish, Dance and P.E classes at no extra cost to the parent, our Day Care Centre previous to “Whiz Kids” offered no extras like these.  Milana has really excelled from being involved in these activities and I can’t thank the Centre enough.
As this is Milana’s last year at “Whiz Kids”, a very special thank you goes to Milana’s Educators, Miss Catherine and Miss Victoria, for the amount of work and nonstop  effort they have put into getting my daughter and all other Kindy kids ready for Prep in 2015.
I am a teacher aide at the school where my daughter, along with some of her Kindy peers, will be attending in 2015, recently some of “Whiz Kids” Kindy children attended the school for an Introduction Prep morning, afterwards I had several teachers and teacher aides comment to me on the exceptional behaviour shown by the children from
“Whiz Kids”.
Lastly, thank you to Miss Prue and Miss Ange for running such an impressive Day Care Centre during Milana’s time at  “Whiz Kids”!

- Jasmine


"Whiz Kids Bracken Ridge…. Professional, Caring and Knowledgeable – As a working mother I was fortunate to find the right child care setting for my children at Whiz Kids. Knowing my kids were in a safe, nurturing and learning environment enabled me to feel secure at work. Prue and the team at Bracken Ridge always welcomed my preschool aged son and toddler daughter with genuine enthusiasm. They always took the time to ask how they were doing and if there was anything further they could do to make the experience even better for them. The fact the centre also has an open kitchen and excellent food menu made my day easier as a working parent as I didn’t have to pack lunches and snacks. We will miss our Whiz Kids days but have lots of memories, photos and crafts to look back on."
 Mrs Sherman


“Would just like to thank to you all for being the best staff I have ever had to deal with, welcoming Vaoloka and making her feel she has been with you all year, big thank you to Prue for always being understanding and just absolutely lovely. Thank you all so much”.


"My son attended Whiz Kids Bracken Ridge in the toddler room. This daycare is far above and beyond FANTASTIC! He was always cared for, learnt new things and the development skill level was a huge difference. I would recommend your centre to anyone. Every staff member makes you feel welcome and puts a smile on your dial. They are motivated, outgoing, caring, loving, helpful and in general just lovely people. It is great to know that my son will be looked after in a comfortable and stable environment, safe caring hands and also be provided with good quality and nutritious food throughout the day. Thank-you so much for everything WHIZ KIDS!"


"My daughter started in the Toddler room with Miss Meagan and now is with Miss Jenny and Miss Zoe in Junior Kindy.  She attends three days a week and loves it.  She enjoys playtime, LOVES her Spanish and thrives on the all the arts and craft activites that the centre offers.
I am comfortable being a part-time working mother to have my daughter in the care of this centre.  They provide good quality, nutritious food that help promote healthy eating at home.  My daughter now asks me on the days I don’t work to attend kindy!!  
Miss Jenny and Miss Zoe are friendly and afford me time every day when I phone to check on her progress."


"It is with great regret that we need to leave whiz kids.
Both children absolutley loved attending whiz kids over the last four years.
Thank you to all the staff, for all the love and care given to Milla and Cruz."


"My children love going to Whiz Kids at Bracken Ridge. They have friendly staff who they adore and enjoy learning life skills from. They have an awesome play area outside where they enjoy playing. My children come home happy and it's all thanks to the staff at the centre."


"My child really enjoys going to 'school'. Whiz Kids has very approachable, experienced and qualified staff to care for children in the centre. My child is very happy to go to the centre every day and the Spanish and dancing programmes provide an extended experience for the children involved. The playground is pleasant with lots of natural shade and the meals are hot, healthy and provided as pat of the daily fees."


"I have two children who attend Whiz Kids Bracken Ridge and have had the pleasure of experience of my children being in all the rooms in the centre.  Miss Megan in the toddler room makes the hard journey of handing over your toddler so much easier with her welcome face and approachable nature.  Miss Victoria is lovely to watch interacting with the children in the toddler room you can just see the special relationship that she has build with all of them. 

Miss Jenny in the Junior Kindy room  is so very supportive of all the children in each and every way and often all my son talks about at home is "Miss Jenny".  Miss Zoe is a breath of fresh air everyday she is so energetic and enthusiastic you will quite often see her dancing around and singing with the children to some music.

Miss Ange in the Senior Kindy room does a fantastic job of preparing the child for the big step up to the Active prep room encouraging and spending time with all the children to help them learn all the new skills they need.  Miss Chrisitie is fun friendly and inviting always has a smile on her face and gentle and kind with the children.

Miss Brenda in the Active Prep room does a great job in preparing all the children for big school,  teaching them so many things and my little girl could not wait to go in Miss Brenda's room.  Miss Heather is very encouraging with all the children helping them learn in a relaxed but structured environment.

The floaters that are at the centre are all friendly and take the time to introduce themselves if they have not meet you before.

Miss Prue the director is one in a million she always welcomes every parent who walks in to the centre and makes them feel like they are leaving their children in safe loving and caring hands. You will quite often see her playing with the children in the sandpit or singing and dancing in the classroom.  She is a very hands on director."

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