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AlphaTykes Spanish Program


Whiz Kids recently started a weekly Spanish program to complement our weekly music program. The program is being run by the highly regarded and very professional, AlphaTykes.


The time to learn another language is before the age of five. So, as you're only two years old once, there's not a minute to waste. We're very excited to offer our children the chance to learn a second language and all the other benefits that comes with it including better speech, creativity, reading, mathematical and other cognitive functions.


The program

Two native-speaking teachers from AlphaTykes visit our centre every week. They run lessons with each group, 30 minutues for Toddlers and Junior Kindy and 55 minutues for Senior Kindy and PrePrep.

To reinforce and consolidate the children’s learning, our staff get the children to do some Spanish everyday. Mainly this is through the songs and games learnt during the lessoons to make sure it's all fun and ‘play-based’. It also means children that don't make it on the day of our lesson can still learn Spanish.

The program runs like a school year with four blocks of 10 week terms. During the lessons the children learn Spanish in a fun environment through games, songs and craft.


Why learn another language?

Basically, because you’re only two years old once in your life.

The young brain picks up languages much better than adults so the earlier the children start the better.

Also, there are all sorts of other benefits including, amazingly, improved English language and speech. Studies show that children who learn a second language when they’re young are better at English as well as other cognitive functions. It’s a bit like learning music (and why we also have a weekly music program), new pathways are being used and developed in their young brains which stays with them forever.

We don’t expect the children to be fluent, of course. But, even if the children have long forgotten their Spanish in 10 years, they will probably be doing much better in school. Not only with English, but Science and Maths as well. Also, if the child and family (or school) want to continue the language then they are indeed off to a flying start.

Follow up

We can only do so much in the centre so we really encourage families to get involved as well. The best way is to come along to the lessons, but the next best is to get workbooks and CDs from AlphaTykes to use at home.



Our AlphaTykes lessons are every Wednesday morning.


The program is included as part of our normal fees. Parents can purchase other learning material such as a workbook and CDs from AlphaTykes.

More information

- Go to the AlphaTykes website for more information about their language program. They also have external lessons for children from 18 months to 12 years.

- Check out this Radio National interview with a language expert about the benefits of learning a second language and the importance of starting as young as possible:

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